[Breeding pet system]
You can equip your pet with jewelry that includes abilities, and you can set recovery items that can be used automatically.
Pets have parameters such as level, quality, and sync rate and can participate in the battle with the player.
In addition, you can level up/evolve your pet by using pet items.

[Skill fusion]
Party members can combine their skills to create a fusion.
Skills that exceed the ultimate abilities that the individual player can activate can be temporarily released together with the party members.

[Fisher countermeasure system >>> Reward distribution system]
Even if multiple people damage a mob, The system will distribute experience after the band died by each player's amount of damage. The fisherman who is the last player to attack and defeat the reward, such as experience points, cannot do it.

[Fisher countermeasure system >>> Drop priority system]
The system will give priority acquisition time to the player who inflicted the majority of the damage. The fisherman who other players can acquire will not defeat the MOB, and drop items will appear.

[Assist / Damage Leader Notification System]
Assist: You will be notified when you deal damage of 10% or more of the maximum HP of the boss monster.
Damage Leader: Notifies the player who is most damaging the boss monster.
* As a quest progress condition, and assist You may require kills or kill to subdue the event boss.

[Black Market]
Weapons and armor handling are randomly generated every few minutes.
The stats and additional abilities are different every time, and there is an infinite selection of items.
Black markets around the world sell weapons and armor with different levels of handling.

[Appraisal system]
Mobs and bonus chests can also drop unidentified items of weapons and armor.
You can check the rank that significantly affects the primary ability value in the state of unidentified items.
An appraiser NPC can appraise unidentified items in the town.
If you are lucky, good stats and additional abilities will be added to the appraised equipment.

[Upgrade system]
A certain amount of ore is required to upgrade the equipment.
Weapon upgrade success: Basically, ATK (both physical magic) will be added randomly (5% to 20%).
Successful armor upgrade: Basically increases MAXHP, increasing various stats and adding additional abilities.

[Avatar system]
General mobs, events, bosses, etc., will drop avatar.
Avatar can be combined with your weapons and armor to change its appearance.
Special abilities attached to avatars are added to the equipment's capabilities.
Avatar can be acquired on the Syu's RPG server or used on the Syu's Wars server.
(* Avatar's abilities are not demonstrated in Syu's Wars Guild PVP, only the appearance changes.)

[Auction / Flea Market System]
The initially developed auction system can be viewed, bid, and purchased with a dedicated smartphone app.
The flea market is in preparation.

[Guild PVP System Battle Royale Battle]
Guild PVP battles take place within an independent firearms PVP server (Syu's Wars).
The system will share player data such as rewards between Syu's RPG and Syu's Wars.
The system will not reflect all character stats, skills, etc., held by Syu's RPG.

[Guild system]
Each guild will be ranked after a certain period by counting guild points from players.
Members of the higher guild ranking zone will receive increased attack power and increased experience points for a certain period.
Guildmembers can use the black market exclusively for guild members and can purchase equipment up to the LV band of the guild master.
You can view each guild's ranking and the status of the next total from the smartphone app.
Players can vote for GP votes in other guilds regardless of their guild, and the dedicated app allows you to check the players who voted.

[Multilingual system]
You can currently switch between English, Japanese, and Chinese (simplified) using the in-game menu.
Language switching applies to item names, item lures, and NPC conversations.

[Mob spawn system]
Mob stats, skills, equipment (including weapon characteristics), etc., are randomly generated.

[Skills and weapon characteristics by occupation]
Novice: You can use all weapons. (No skill, the activation effect of weapon characteristics by profession is reduced)
Warrior: The annihilation power and formidable defense in close combat are attractive
Assassin: Perspective combat type with critical damage and quick movement
Mage: Make combat superior with long-range magic attacks and enchantments (auxiliary skills)
Gang: Use long-range firearms to drive overwhelming firepower
Necromancer: Summon a monster with a monster capsule
???: Upward compatible jobs that are still mysterious
* Since it is under preparation, We will implement only a part of it (these are developed initially and will be announced later).

[Original story and world view]
In the whirlpool of singularity, there is a real world view and story that transcends time and space intertwined with various characters who appear.

Youtube Channel : Game information / Tutorial

RESOURCE PACK : The original resource pack is applied when you log in to the server.

Syu's GAMES Exclusive : This will connect to Syu's GAME SERVERS. *This app is for Android now.

Syu's games story : Related story of Syu's games. We created the basic story in 2018. We are tracing it and still developing it.

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