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=== Chapter 1 Beginning and Spreading Glory ===

This is the beginning city of Cronic.

Originally, Cronic was a base for government-controlled industrial resources.

[Related Persons] Mayor Cronic / Anisha (Daughter of Mayor Cronic) / Prisoner A / Rudler (former adventurer, romanticist) / Watanabe (Blast Furnace Researcher / Ental Empire Exile) / Jerome (Government Secret Agent)

People gathered in Cronic for work, and the town was full of energy, but gradually monster attacks became more frequent.

Less than a year later, the government transferred control of Cronic to civilians, but the blast furnace, which is the cornerstone of Cronic's industry, was destroyed by a creeper attack.

Following the hole created by the blast to find the cause of the failure, there was a quarry, where job seekers shifted to the dangerous task of mining ore while eradicating creepers.

Injuries and attacks killed dangerous jobs and wages ... and more and more people, and security gradually deteriorated, and the government began to manage detention centers and prisons.

Each player (in the future referred to as Pseudonym A) begins in such a dire situation as Cronic.

The government is calling on adventurers to cooperate in preparing for the monster attack. The content is to have the adventurers destroy the monsters trapped in the government's monster trap facility and reward them.


[Government-managed monster trap]

[Government request: Destroyer mission of captured monsters]

[Government request: Attack on the occupied area by monsters]

[Government request: Attack on an occupied area by monsters-air strike]


Cronic has transformed into a city centered on mining, prisoner management, and monster subjugation.

In an environment where monsters' battle is gradually intensifying, there is a former adventurer Rudler, and Cronic also has a smiley human side, such as falling in love with Anisha.

[Related Person] Millionaire Khan / Main Chef (Khan's exclusive chef, Rudler's father) / Theatrical company director and staff / Bob (worker) / Joseph (former arena gladiator, Khan's escort) / Engineer (telescope manager)

In the Cronic quest, A goes to Khan's house.

Khan's house had Khan's private restaurant, which was provided free of charge to those suffering from poverty and wanted food and work.

Many were attracted to Khan's personality and followed him for a long time.

Rudler's father at Khan Restaurant was assigned to work alone as the exclusive chef and was always worried about his sick wife and adult son Rudler's future in his hometown.

A hears that Khan is disappointed with the technology gap and the whole world's movement that he feels is corrupt from a person in Khan's house.

An engineer aide to Khan said, "Some poor people cultivate fields with mulberries to raise rice and raise children, and some wealthy people satisfy their desires with the power to control everything ..." Khan confessed.

He also said, "Humanity should have high aspirations to the moon, where the technology should be out of reach."

For the above reasons, those fascinated by Khan were about to perform a gigantic telescope to observe the moon and a theatrical rehearsal of Khan's dream Trip to the moon in the VIP room.

And A heard from someone about Khan's past.

Kahn, who always pursues his dreams, used to invest a considerable amount of money in competitions held as a peaceful sport to build a guild arena and was the chief executive officer.

People's enthusiasm grew day by day, and the harmful effects of cruelty and gambling addiction were conspicuous.

[Related Person] Sir Colonel (Chief Executive Officer of Colonel Island) / Dr. Turing / Dr. Brandon / Dr. Meringue / Virtual Arena Guide / Goddess (Guild Boss Rush Guide)

Colonel Island (formerly Khan Island) was a spectator entertainment and monster countermeasures arena held by government-approved guild members.

The losers were executed in front of the people, but there were naturally doubts about the people's uplifting feeling.

Khan was the first to speak out, but his aide, Dr. Turing, immediately agreed.

And later, Secretary of State Scotty, when the project warmed up, Dr. Brandon and Doc, Chief Executive Officer of the newly built particle accelerator research.
Allowed to provide funding and technology with the term meringue.

The government's recommendations were Dr. Brandon, who studies the movement of matter, and Dr. Meringue, who is said to have a proven track record in energy development.

Under Khan's financial strength and government authority, the talented doctor brought together the technology to develop a groundbreaking device.

The development beyond human knowledge was the technology of erasing (reading) a substance with mass as data and transferring (regenerating) it to another space.

It was a material transfer by data input/output, digitized by Dr. Brandon's teleport concept and computing technology, but there.
There was a massive wall that had to be cleared by energy against the problem of mass.

Therefore, Dr. Meringue, who applied a particle accelerator, and the government's energy technology and military simulation applications were incorporated. A device was born to digitize the molecular structure, genome, and spirit and output them to computer applications.

As a result, adventurers can wrestle as government-approved guild members in non-death virtual arenas, give the people a sense of exhilaration, and contribute to training against monster attacks on Cronic.

After the virtual arena was completed, the actual theaters and execution sites used were attractions for amusement parks. Colonel Island began to give preferential treatment to guilds that can defeat more monsters.

After that, as soon as such technological innovation was realized and people's interest shifted to a mild form, Khan, who was the chief executive at that time, transferred the operation to Colonel, a childhood friend suffering from poverty for a long time. Met.

Aides say Khan was disappointed by the cruel side of humanity and the wealth and technology gaps.

[Related Person] Mayor Cronic / Anisha (daughter of Mayor Cronic) / Sage (former pastor) / Bat (pirate crew) / Creeper (dying)

Meanwhile, a safer and more abundant mine was found outside the Cronic quarry creepers appeared but was robbed by bandits' armed forces living in the Cronic northern mountains.

Several Cronic workers are being held in a quarry and asked to rescue their hostages.

Then, rumors of a pirate attacking the port town CAP flowed quickly, and a wise man asked a to subdue the pirate captain.

A who gradually won the trust receives a request from the wise man again.

It was a fact-finding survey that the dangerous area that rumored to have an elite monster and was said to have never returned from an adventurer was wrapped in a flash of light and seemed to blow off the mountains with the sound of the earth.

A threatens the pirate crew's bat in a port town's bar to steer a pirate ship, and when he reaches the scene of a dangerous area, the mountain collapses like a crater, and the power of its energy is transmitted from the earth with the heat and the burning smell. I could feel it.

Looking around, there was a signboard, and I found that it was a town called [Sacrifice], and monsters dying from the blast were lying down in the area, regardless of age.

Creeper said A was approaching a dying creeper.

"That light is the work of you humans! What did we do! What kind of treatment do you do! You are evil. You are destroyed ... eh ..." I left behind and died.

When I told the story to the former pastor's wise man, he said that he would look horrible for a moment.

"It seems that some ominous premonition is becoming more concrete ... You will be in a tremendous challenge ... I am watching over you."

[Related Person] Circus Station Director / Rudler's Mother

After that, A has a problem with the circus corps funded by Khan and is asked to investigate it.

Cross the sea with a steam locomotive owned by Kahn and set foot in the circus venue.

After defeating the problematic magician, he meets Rudler's mother, who lives in the village where the circus troupe resides.

Rudler's mother said, "My son Rudler aimed to be an adventurer by looking for medicine to help me who had an incurable illness. I'm okay because I have a dad. The kind-hearted Rudler can't kill a single bug. I don't think it's going to belong. Rudler doesn't know that yet. I don't want to make you sad. So I want you to find a loved one while I'm alive so that I can recover quickly from the sadness that comes. "

Then, he heard a rumor from the village chief that "there are traces of the government's energy experiment, and a huge rock is floating in the air as evidence," and he will witness it.

When A comes into contact with the characters in Cronic, he will be keenly aware of the increasing number of monster attacks and public security deterioration through the quest. Still, from there, the relationship between the government and monsters and the rich and poor You will begin to notice the gap in technology that has evolved abnormally.

[Related Persons] Dr. Turing / Assistant Researcher / Dr. Meringue / Dr. Brandon

Dr. Turing, who once devoted himself to the virtual arena, regretted being involved in technological innovation and the reality that only some people could benefit from, like Khan.

Turing was also suspicious because he was not convinced that his friend Dr. Brandon suddenly disappeared when the virtual arena was completed.

Rumor has it that Dr. Meringue wants to monopolize his joint achievements with Dr. Brandon or that Dr. Meringue caused him to bug and erase after Dr. Brandon entered the substance transfer pod device.

Dr. Turing that given the title and status of a horn with endorsement by the government and was given a castle-like building on the Imparare's land accepted his ability as the disaster's cause and decided to disappear. I gave it.

The government, which had lost sight of Dr. Turing's whereabouts for a long time, stopped Imparare Castle's construction. In anticipation of it, Dr. Turing studied with Khan's cooperation in Imparale Castle's ground to blind the government. Created a village to popularize.

Of course, the meaning of compensating for the fact that Dr. Turing himself hurt the world.

[Related Person] Mayor Cronic / Anisha (daughter of Mayor Cronic) / Rudler (former adventurer / romantist) / Toddler Creeper

A bandit's hideout kidnapped Anisha's childhood friend's daughter to retaliate for the bandits who had regained the quarry.

A has confirmed the situation around the bandit's arena by Khan's reconnaissance mission, so he is asked to rescue the hostage as a suitable person to subdue it.

Rudler listened to A's mission and spoke to him.

Rudler: "It's embarrassing, but I'm a coward who can't beat monsters, but I was on an adventure to find a cure for my mother's illness. At that time, when I tried to get out of the danger area, The creeper kid was slipping off a cliff and stuck in a tree. I saw it ... I decided to help. I managed to push the creeper up and support, but I fell. I got something like a dream that the creeper parent and child had been treated carefully, probably because I hit my head. Still, when I woke up in Cronic's bed, I got this stone in my hand. I knew it wasn't a dream to have, so what I mean is that I don't know what to say, but I feel like having this will increase my power. So please. I'm kidnapped using this power. Help Anisha's friends! And after helping, I'd like you to tell the Mayor of Cronic that Rudler also helped. Isn't it okay? You'll get it, isn't it a bad story anyway? "

A agreed although he understood that it was his stock raising and spill.

After that, the bandits were subdued, but the wise men and Khan started exchanging information due to concerns about the ever-deteriorating situation.

[Related Person] Daimonsho / Doctor Turing / Watanabe (Blast Furnace Researcher / Ental Empire Exile)

Dr. Turing used a huge radio wave that he designed and built for Imparare.

And one day, Dr. Turing used it and doubted the intercepted encrypted communication.

Meanwhile, it was judged by the collaborators around him that A needed even more muscular power, and a monk challenged him to release the upper limit of his skill level in the Mesa area north of Imparale.

Dr. Turing heard that A's trial had been achieved and immediately contacted him.

A spoke from Dr. Turing.

The news of the crisis that the Galapagos Islands-based Ental Empire, south of Cronic, intercepted the raid's encrypted communications on Cronic.

The Ental Empire, which had been watched by the government, cut off trade with the outside world, fostered its own culture, and prospered. Due to the gradual depletion of resources and poverty, attacks were carried out to control Cronic. It was considered.

[Related Persons] Mayor Cronic / Anisha (daughter of Mayor Cronic) / Watanabe (Blast Furnace Researcher / Ental Empire Exile) / Ental Empire Emperor

The evacuation warning was issued to the residents of Cronic through the mayor of Cronic.

The Ental Empire's residents had conspiracy theories against the outside world and had an intense hatred of the Galapagos Islands' outside world.

It is believed that a foreign government organized the poverty of the Ental Empire, and there was thorough education that the people had to risk their lives to prevent the Galapagos Islands from being robbed.

Watanabe, exiled from the Ental Empire, was one of the best talented people on the Galapagos Islands. Still, he was worried about the outside world's development and the Ental Empire's decline due to the strict isolation and closed thinking, raising doubts and dissatisfaction. Was there.

If you question the Ental Empire, you will be treated as a felony as a non-national person, so you can't talk about the outside world's splendor. Watanabe says, "The Ental Empire cannot keep up with the outside world as it is ... and some of the guidance is convenient. We should give up on the two-dimensional and extreme propaganda of good and evil, "he decided to go into exile under the guise of missing.

After that, Watanabe assumed a blast furnace researcher at Cronic, but he was always aware that his ability cultivated in the Ental Empire was not so great. Still, he was always worried about his hometown.

Watanabe rushed to A of the combat unit and said that it was an evacuation warning at that point.

"I'm a former Ental empire, and I have a family who knows the situation well. I want you to understand ... The empire is just brainwashed for the sake of the leader's position."

[Related Person] Emperor Ental Empire / Shadow (Shadow Warrior) / Watanabe (Blast Furnace Researcher / Exile of the Ental Empire)

Heads to the battle with the Ental Empire to dispel Watanabe and carry out the mission he undertakes.

While enduring the reckless and death-fearing attack of the Ental soldiers, A realized that he was there.

Why don't the Ental Empire stop fighting, even though they know that even weapons are overwhelmingly disadvantageous and defeated?

The Emperor's shadow warrior appears there and becomes a battle.

When the shadow warrior was defeated, and the Emperor was driven in, Watanabe suddenly appeared and began to speak with a loudspeaker.

"Emperor, I'm Watanabe, who was previously awarded the Order of Merit. I wasn't missing, but I was training in the outside world's Cronic. I think you've noticed that this country shouldn't stay that way anymore. Don't deceive the people for personal protection. You should avoid isolation and hold hands with the outside world. "

High-ranking officials and soldiers who knew about the outside world's reality abandoned their weapons and left the war.

Without responding, the Emperor gives instructions to Konoe and disappears.

Although the Ental Empire's cult threat has subsided, those who still believe in the outside world as enemies have fallen into the field with their claims.

[Related Persons] Mayor Cronic / Secretary of State Scotty / Jerome (Government Secret Agent) / Skayapiyan (Aboriginal Chief)

Secretary of State Scotty of the government is also paying attention to A's success in victory from bandits, pirates, and the Ental Empire and asked A to perform a mission through secret agent Jerome.

The contents are the subjugation of a trio of thieves based in a secret base in the back of the volcanic cave through the surf area adjacent to the pirate hideout. It was the destruction of the stolen government secret weapon (destruction of evidence).

A steals allegiance from the pirate captain and directs the pirate crew to steer the stolen ship and head for the pirate hideout.

The pirate hideout and the surf area are adjacent, but they glared at each other with a border.

However, on holidays, there was a peculiar implicit rule that only the tavern called DOMINGO in the surf area allowed pirates to enter the country and made noise with each other.

A heard rumors that the pirate captain was threatened and manipulated by a trio of thieves as he gathered information at the bar.

He secured a route to the thief's trio's secret base and was imminent on the path to the only volcanic cave.

Indigenous peoples lived there and worshiped them as gods because the thieves' trio benefited from the government's technology.

Indigenous peoples who believed in the hatching of eggs they had protected for generations had given up moving to other lands, making them a favorable reporting group of intruders for the thief trio.

[Related Person] Carlos (Thief Leader) / Hoseyo (Thief Mechanic) / Bomb (Thief Robot) / Skayapiyan (Aboriginal Chief)

The thief Bomb guided a at the entrance of the thief's secret base.

Bomb: We are waiting for you. Please wait as the information preparation will be completed soon.

Hoseyo: Pee-Gar (communication sound) Hey stupid robot, are they coming as reported by Skayapiyan?

Bomb: They seem to hear your voice.

Carlos: Pee-Gar (communication sound) is done, Hoseyo! Ready for mini-robot weapons to defeat them!

Bomb: Ah ... they all ask me.

Hoseyo: Pee-Gar (communication sound) This stupid knack! If you get caught, why don't you kick them off and send them here!

Bomb: I understand.

A defeats a trio of thieves.

After that, Secretary of State Scotty called him and was told that there was information that monsters would gather and attack elite members near Sacrifice, and he was ordered to subdue the demons before their power increased.


=== Chapter 2 The reality of convergence ... the truth === Preparing